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 The threats of Identity theft

The threats of Identity theft

As we advance into an age where everything is Online. There is very little room for thinking, because just about everything happens at a mere click and decisions are made at literally within a blink of an eye. Being aware and staying informed is what will help you stay clear of the various threats you come across in the digital world.

Of all of them, somebody stealing your identity is perhaps the most concerning threat. It is not only about protecting your personal identity, it is also about your personal banking account details and so on. The menace of Identity thefts has become a huge one, because it is a child’s play to hack into someone’s email account and retrieve all the information that is required to wreak havoc.

What is identity theft?

Based on the details such as your name, date of birth, passwords, bank account username, pan number details you enter online there are scamsters who will take all those details and misuse it in ways unimaginable. Even the photos you upload of yourself online are subject to misuse if it falls into the wrong hands and there extent of the damage that can be done with someone’s information is quite devastating.

The moment these vital details are acquired, the most common con done is the unlimited use of your credit cards. What happens next? Well, your credit card bill arrives and all you can do is stare at it – because the value on the bill is off the charts! In fact, this is when you will realize that you have probably been scammed!

And that is only one way, every information about you that is online is subject to misuse. Sometimes, even the details you enter on social networking sites can lead to your identity being stolen. As a result of which,

- You might be classified as “defualter” who does not repay his loans/ credit card bills

- Your cibil score is going to be affected negatively

- If you apply for a loan without setting straight these false records, you may be enlisted in the bank’s defaulter’s list and its going to be a while before you can ever be granted a loan.

- If the scam goes public, your reputation is at stake!

Phishing scams are more prevalent in the world of emails However, there are several organizations fighting for cyber safety, but its not until every individual is aware of the implications of stolen identities that one will be motivated to be more cautious and steer clear of digital mishaps

Not many are aware of the fact that there exists a law against cyber crimes under the Information Technology Act 2000 under Section 66 is as follows:

“ Whoever, fraudulently or dishonestly makes use of the electronic signature, password or any other unique identification feature of any other person, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years and shall also be liable to fine which may extend to rupees one lakh.”

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